Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Another Rainy Day

I had hope this morning when I first got up, but the sun very quickly disappeared behind the clouds. The clouds kept getting thicker and thicker until it once again started to rain - and rain some more. I went out to put out wheat for the quail and put the last of the bird feed into the feeder. The quarter inch lids on the tops of the five gallon buckets were once again completely full of water.

We weren't up very early this morning. It was a busy weekend and we were both tired. I had bought some smoked pork chops yesterday. They were fully cooked, so all I had to do was warm them in the skillet with a little butter. I fixed a box of stuffing and put some green beans in the microwave. It made for a pretty good dinner.

We watched the Mariners game this afternoon in Peoria. They were saying it got to 93 degrees there! James Paxton pitched today. We have watched him several times in Arizona and we're delighted to see him in fine form today.

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