Wednesday, March 15, 2017

No More Ice

It has been interesting watching the lake this winter. We watched it gradually freeze over, watching the open areas slowly close up. It's been the reverse this spring.  We watched puddles of water form on the surface of the ice. We watched as open water appeared at the edge of the lake. We saw the ice get more and more mushy looking. We saw "channels" of water open up across the ice. Soon, we could see open water on the other side. Monday when I went to town, there was lots of open water, but also "islands" of greenish looking rough ice. Today it was entirely open water - all the ice is gone!

What surprised us were the seagulls. We have not seen any all winter. Not a single one! But, the minute open water appeared so did the seagulls - flocks and flocks of them! Where have they been all winter? How did they know the ice was leaving? How did they know to arrive the first day there was open water?

Today was sort of a repeat of yesterday. We had a few hours of partly sunny sky with increasingly heavy cloud cover until we finally had rain showers. It wasn't nearly as warm however.

We went over to Menno this evening for the Lenten Soup Supper.  It's done in conjunction with the Ritzville Ministerial Association during Lent. Wednesday evening soup and bread meals are hosted at rotating churches. There were about a hundred people there, probably two thirds of them from other churches. Menno members had brought crock pots of various soups - there must have been a dozen different kinds. After the soup meal, there was a short service in the sanctuary.

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