Thursday, March 2, 2017

Another Busy Day

A cloudy overcast day turned into a rainy drive home tonight. It was nice enough this morning for a great walk over to the Clubhouse for the Thursday Coffee. The killdeer are back, playing their "injured" game to lead you away from their nest sites. Their unique squawking had me looking up to spot fourteen Sandhill Cranes flying over. There are more and more signs that spring is on its way - finally.

Forry and I went out this afternoon and cleaned up the mess the birds had made under the feeder. We swept up the leaves scattered from the willow trees this winter. We even - finally - took the icicle lights and the JOY plaque from Auntie Violet's windshield. There had been quite a discussion at coffee this morning about all the Christmas decorations that were still up. Seems no one wanted to deal with all snow and drifts. I know that the lights our neighbor had around her house had been all buried in the snow.

I had a Board of Deacons meeting tonight in Moses Lake. We had a packed agenda. Without a pastor, there are a great many details of ministry that fall to the Deacons. We are sure all hoping that the potential interim pastor we are looking at works out!

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