Friday, March 10, 2017


We lazed around this morning, while I whined about how sore my legs were after standing so long on the concrete floor getting dinner at church last night. We finally got ourselves dressed and headed into Monroe House in Moses Lake for lunch. Katherine had arranged a lunch in the private dining room for the four of our Menno Elders who live there to meet the Hersheys. Earl joined us as well. Considering that most of the Elders are over 90 (except Earl who turns 90 this year and Marge), it was a pretty lively luncheon. Kay and I and Dennis and Forry sat at a separate table so that they could visit without us monopolizing the conversation.

The food at Monroe House is very good. We had a choice of shrimp sciampi or tator tot casserole. Our shrimp were served with green beans, new roasted potatoes and rolls. Then they served delicious coconut pie and/or ice cream for dessert. Plus coffee, milk, chocolate milk and a variety of juices. 

There was a program scheduled for this afternoon by a gentleman who had a slideshow on the "Outlaws of the Area." The whole group decided to go together to the lecture, so we headed back home. 

When we walked in the Mariners were behind 6-10 in the 8th inning. We enjoyed watching them come back to win 11-10 with a walk off hit in the bottom of the ninth.

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