Thursday, May 15, 2014

55 Years!

Today was the last of the appointments that I had called and scheduled last month for Forry. And it was probably the most frustrating. His Primary Care Physician wanted him to have a sleep study done to see if he was sleeping well. (Part of her efforts to figure out his reduced energy levels.) In order to have the sleep study done, you have to have an evaluation by a pulmonologist to see if you really need the study done. Once you get that visit done, you can schedule the sleep study.

Knowing that they were a month or more out on the sleep studies, I tried to schedule it at the same time I made the appointment with the pulmonary guy. But they can't do that as it has to be authorized by the pulmonologist first. I wondered why they couldn't schedule it, then just cancel it if the pulmonary guy didn't think he needed it. But they don't do that! In fact the scheduler lady sounded horrified that I would even suggest it.

So Forry had his appointment with the pulmonary guy today, who authorized the sleep study. But they do not have an opening until mid-June... Looks like we will be in Spokane another month.

It is a full moon tonight. This is what it looked like through all the pine trees here at Ponderosa Falls RV Resort --

It was pretty late when we got home as we went to see the play WICKED at the Spokane Opera House (except they call it the INB Performing Arts Center now). When I saw an ad saying it was on in Spokane this week, I thought it would be a great way to celebrate our fifty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Its sort of hard to believe we have been together for so long. We became friends standing together in the lunch line (we were in alphabetical order) when I was fifteen and Forrest was seventeen. We got married when I was eighteen and here we are three children and five grand-children later, still friends.

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