Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Once More, Down the Road

Our two membership weeks at Ponderosa Falls RV Resort were up and since this next week is Memorial Day weekend, there were no spaces available for a paid-for extended stay...

Yesterday we stopped in Cheney and made reservations for the next week at Peaceful Pines RV Park. So this morning, we packed stuff up and put away stuff and pulled in the slides and drove the eight or nine miles to the new park. Since we weren't going very far, we didn't hook up Toad II, I just followed Forry over.

We have a site on the edge of the park facing south. We hooked up water and electricity (this park is nice -- the electric boxes are on poles a good five feet off the ground. No stooping to hook up the power!). We put the jack pads down, let down the jacks and put out the two living room slides.

Then Forry put up the antenna. The satellite receiver tried and tried, but could not make a connection -- too many trees. We decided to move forward five or six feet to see if that would help. I had to get out the longer water hose and pull out more of the electric cord. Got moved, tried it again. Still no connection! Guess we'll spend the next week without TV... Too bad, as the Mariners won tonight 6-2. It would have been a good game to watch.

I was fixing dinner when the lady who checked us in yesterday came knocking at our door asking who we were and if we had registered?!! I guessed she was a bit embarrassed when she recognized Forry, saying "Oh yeah, I took your money yesterday!"

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