Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cloudy, Showery Day

The sun was shining a bit when I first got up this morning, but it didn't take long before the clouds were back. It didn't get much higher then 63 degrees today. There were just enough little rain showers to occasionally wet the ground.

We headed into Spokane this afternoon to pick up some prescriptions and to have a blood pressure check at Group Health. I've been trying a new blood pressure medication that seems to be doing its thing. At least that should make my doctor happier...

We had to get gas for Toad II. There is a Flying J station on our way into Spokane that we have been using. With the Flying J RV Plus card, we are getting a six cent per gallon discount on gas. We've used the card for a couple of years now for diesel for Auntie Violet, but only recently started using it for gas. I guess it's probably because this is the first time we've had a Flying J station handy to .where we drive back and forth?

When I talked with Sister Sherry this afternoon, she mentioned getting beef ribs when she was in town this morning. It made me hungry for spare ribs, so we stopped at Safeway to pick some up. They were out of baby back spare ribs, so I bought some plain pork ribs. They were good (I baked them at a much lower oven temp then what I use for baby backs), but not nearly as good as our usual baby backs.

We watched several rigs move into the Peaceful Pines RV Park this afternoon. The park is now so full that there is one rig parked over on the side with. an electric cord running across the road to their buddies rig. Evidently, there is a big track meeting over at the EWU campus this weekend.

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