Sunday, May 25, 2014

Birthday Party

Today was another busy full day. We had stopped by Safeway on the way home last night and picked up a couple of bouquets of flowers to take with us to the cemetery this morning. We left early, so we had plenty of time to stop by Forry's parents' graves before church. When I was a kid, we knew the last Sunday in May as Decoration Day -- the day you went to clean and decorate your family grave sites. I have vivid memories of going with my Mom with buckets of her home-grown gorgeous peonies in the truck of the car. I don't know if there was a name change to Memorial Day with its emphasis on military graves, or whether Decoration Day was just what my family called it. (Though Forry says he was talking with Vic this afternoon and he said his family also called it Decoration Day...)

It is always good to be back at Menno for church. Even though Gene videos each service and Bill puts it up on U-Tube on Mondays so that we can participate, it's always best to walk in through that door and get our hugs and hear the message in person.

After church, we took a quick trip over to the ranch to see all the work that has been done hauling away scrap iron and stuff. It sure looks nice! Our tenants, Barb and Jeff,  had gone to Spokane to see Wicked, but we had a chance to see both Tyler and Colby. They have grown into such nice young handsome men!

From there it was over to the home of our Godson Peter and his lovely wife Tessa to help them celebrate their son Ethan's first birthday. Pete grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for our first barbecue of the summer. Ethan was not terribly interested in opening presents. A typical one-year old, he found the boxes and wrappings much more interesting. That is, until Grandpa Curt brought this in --

And oh, the grin, when he found out it would go!

I think all the little -- and big -- boys there thought it was a pretty neat tractor too!

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