Monday, May 19, 2014

Anther Doctor Apointment and Semel!

We came home last night to a Facebook note from Judy and Tim inviting us over this morning. or tomorrow morning, for Semel! We'll be moving tomorrow, so went over to their house this morning.
When we got to their house up on 27th, Judy was just taking the Semel out of the oven. Semel are a breakfast treat that I have never eaten except at Judy's or her family's. They are basically a yeast dough made the evening before, allowed to rise all night, then dropped onto a cookie sheet in large spoonfuls and topped with either sesame or poppy seeds, then baked. Served with strawberry jam and thin slices of cheddar cheese, they are delicious!

And of course, as good as the Semel are, the people serving them are even better. It was a very pleasant morning of food and fellowship. We'll be looking forward to seeing Judy and Tim and their Airstream next winter in Arizona!

This afternoon it was my turn to visit our Primary Care Physician for my annual check-up. It was a good visit. Other then getting older with all the aches and pains that go along with that, I seem to be trucking along just fine. Dr. Heather re-arranged some of my meds and gave me some exercises for the bursitis I seem to have in my trochanteric bursa (hip area).

We stopped by Peaceful Pines RV Park in Cheney and reserved a spot there for the next week. Our two weeks at Ponderosa Falls is up tomorrow and we must move on...

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