Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dinner With Janny

One of the most precious blessings we count in our lives is our daughters' in-laws. Both of our daughters married fellows that have wonderful parents that we truly enjoy spending time with. As we drive through Idaho on our to Spokane, we relish the opportunity to spend a bit of time with Daughter Dawn's in-laws, Janny and Jerry.

Unfortunately, this year school is not yet out. Jerry drives school bus and this is the time of year for Spring sports - baseball, softball, tennis, track and golf - and that means games and meets at various towns throughout the district. And Jerry was driving for one of the sports teams tonight. We encouraged Janny to join us for dinner without him and she did! Janny met us at BJs, just across the freeway from the KOA park, only a few blocks away.

What a delightful dinner we had. We got all caught up on Grandkids (they have twice as many as our five...); the 50th anniversary party with all the kids and grandkids last fall; summer plans; and all the aches and pains of Senior adults. We felt bad that Jerry couldn't be there, but it was fun visiting with Janny.

We returned to Auntie Violet in time to watch the last three innings of the Mariners game with the Yankees. Behind Elias' pitching, the Mariners won a two-game sweep of the Yankees! (The third game was rained out and will be played in June.)

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