Friday, May 30, 2014

Auntie Violet is in the Shop!

We were up and going early as Auntie Violet had a ten AM appointment at the service shop at R & R RV in Airway Heights. It was pretty hectic at the shop this morning with lots of emergencies, so Auntie V did not even get her  radiator shield off to look at the hoses on her recalcitrant bedroom slide until almost noon. (I did have to give Uhlmann RV in Chehalis a call to see who our Extended Warranty service was with. Fortunately, it took them less then 30 seconds to look it up -- that's good customer service!)

These service guys are trying to make sure the last of Auntie V's bad hoses are taken care of. It looks like one is already leaking and the other has bubbles. They are looking at the problem from both inside and outside as the hoses also stretch under the closet in the bedroom. The House of Hose is not too far here and they are having them make up new larger hoses (We used to get hoses from them many years ago for various stuff on the farm.).

But, the bad part of it is that they have everything apart. We debated trying to stay in the RV and work around the mess, but decided we really didn't want to do that. The other bad part is that they don't work on Saturdays and the hoses will not be ready until Monday! So we just decided that it would be easier all around to go to a motel for the next three nights. It will be more than worth it if the hose issue is finally all taken care of (two of the hoses were replaced last fall).

We did make a run into Spokane to pick up an envelope of instructions and appointment times from Spokane Eye Clinic. They were going to mail the info, but rather then have it go to Daughter MM's and then back over here, we said we'd just pick it up.

There is a big Air Show going on tomorrow at Fairchild Air Force base. We were able to watch some of those speedy jets practicing while we were outside at R&R. There were four jets flying in formation and another one doing rolls and sideways fly-bys. They were extremely loud, but very awesome to watch.

We didn't go very far once we had checked into the Airport Holiday Inn late this afternoon. Forry immediately took a nap. Then we decided just to eat at the restaurant on the premises. It was nothing fancy or special, but it was good to not have to run around anymore. After lots of looking, (the front desk had no idea what channel!) Forry found the Mariners game on TV, so we are relaxing and watching the game.

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