Thursday, May 22, 2014

Forry Celebrates 75 Years!

Forry celebrated his 75th birthday today! Now that is really hard to believe. Not sure how I ended up married to someone that old...

My friend Cathi gave us a lead on a new hair dresser and we went to see Erin up on the South Hill this morning. She's not our Sarah, but she did a good job of trimming my split ends and shaping my bangs. I don't think she believed how long Forry's hair was until she got it wet and combed out. She cut it shorter than it's been in a l-o-n-g time. She said she actually cut off a good six inches...

I told her I liked it shorter because then his curls show...

Anyhow, I think she did a nice job. Thanks, Cathy, for the referral!

We went back into Spokane this evening and picked up Son Sean and took him to Gordy's Sichuan up on 30th for dinner with us. We only ordered appetizers and two entrees, but Sean still had a bag of leftovers to take home with him for tomorrow.

One of the nice things about birthdays in this electronic age is getting birthday greetings from so many people on Facebook. It really does brighten up the day! Thank you to everyone who wished the man in my life Happy Birthday!

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