Wednesday, May 21, 2014

California Quail

There is a family of California Quail that lives in the bushy grass along the edge of the park. We can hear them calling, but they are quite timid and quickly disappear if approached. I sat on the steps of the RV (still inside) and managed to get a few pictures.  They like to stay close to the edge of the tall grass...

I'm not sure what they are after in the short grass, but one would assume some kind of insect --

They stay very alert and watchful --

 We ended up today with a fairly busy afternoon. Forry's new lenses were in at Group Health's Vision Clinic, so we went into Spokane to pick them up as well as my new prescription which was ready. From there we made a Costco run. We hadn't been at a Costco since we got back to Washington and we were in grave need of a fix. We actually stopped at the Cheney Safeway store as well on our way home, so now are well stocked with groceries again.

The old highway to Spokane through Cheney is several hundred feet from Auntie Violet's front door. I am amazed at how much traffic the old road still has. Seems not everyone wants to travel on the freeway!

This was our view out to the west tonight. It was a gorgeous sunset!

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