Thursday, May 8, 2014

Now What?

Sarah at Medalia Club has been cutting our hair for many years -- more than thirty years?!! Way back when she wanted to use Daughter Mary Mae as a model for one of her design contests. She cut MM's hair and Daughter Dawn's hair and mine and then Forry's. We have followed her to three different studios over the years (the last two were solo practices in houses she and her husband Rick had remodeled for her business.). Forry has absolutely not wanted anyone else to touch his curls for his anuual haircuts! Sarah has had a closed practice, but she always was willing to make a spot for us when we came back to Spokane.

I have been dreading the day we would return to Spokane and find that she had retired. When I called yesterday to see if she might have an opening or a cancellation, the number was disconnected! I guess that day has come... Not sure what we will do now, maybe ask around and see if anyone has a lead on a good hair-cutter.

We had a quiet day today, a rest day after all of yesterday's rounds of physician visits. We spent a bit of time this afternoon emptying enough space in Toad II to be able to fold one of the back seats up so that Son Sean can ride with us to Quincy tomorrow for Nephew Donnie's graveside service.

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