Monday, May 12, 2014

Another Doctor and a Visit to the DOL

We started out this morning with another trip to the Cheney Post Office. This time they were open and the box of mail was there. The Post Office lady remarked on how heavy the box was and I just told her my daughter "can get more into one of these boxes than anyone I know!" We went back home with just enough time to sort the mail before we had to leave for Spokane and Forry's appointment with the dermatologist.

As a former farmer, Forrest always has one or more little places on his face or hands that the dermatology guys want to squirt their little cans of liquid nitrogen at and today was no different. But, he was in and out today before I could even finish reading the article in US magazine about baby Prince George.

Our Family Practice doctor had given Forry the application for a handicapped placard for the car. We needed to take it to a Department of Licensing Office to pick up the actual placards. The first one we looked for was no longer there and we could not find the second one even with the GPS. We finally went out to the DOL place on north Division. The young lady there was very friendly and delightful -- and there was NO wait! So now we have handicap placards for both Toad II and Auntie Violet.

Granddaughter Havela finally made it back to Oregon from Hesston College in Kansas today. She was supposed to make it in yesterday in time for Mother's Day, but lightening storms and bad weather in the Midwest had her spending the night in the Chicago airport.

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