Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thinking About...

All of the doctor visits we have been having this month have certainly brought our thinking to getting older. We've had lots of discussions about what we want to do next. We've achieved our goal of visiting all of the lower 48 states -- though I must say we certainly only sampled many of them. You could take a lifetime and still not see all there is to see in the United States, let alone the rest of the world.

We put a deposit down at Eagle View RV Park where we stayed last winter for next winter, but that's as far as we've made any concrete plans. We have thought about purchasing a lot or a house or a condo? But where? The west side of Washington and my joints don't get along well. I don't like the "achiness" the damp causes. Arizona is way too hot in the summer-time and it's a long way away from our kids and grandkids.

How much longer will our driving skills hold up? When will it be time to hang up the keys? I have never really liked to drive, and do so less and less. I really need to make myself take over the wheel more frequently. Forry has new glasses which is good for his driving. I planned to get new glasses as well, but it looks like I will be having cataract surgery instead. The doctor -- and my Sis -- say that my vision will be better than it has ever been...?

I was awakened VERY early this morning. The lady from Menno Travel who arranges travel for the Executive Board meetings called at 5:45 AM! She's in Kansas and I don't think she even thought about the time difference! I think I deserve all kinds of brownie points for not pointing out what time it was to her -- I was even actually cordial.

We moved today, but only about 100 feet from where we had been. The site we were in had been reserved by someone else for the next week. We hustled to get moved by the 1 PM check-in time in case they came early, but the new folks didn't show up until about five o'clock, right in the middle of the thunderstorm and downpour we had. At least they had enough sense to stay in their rig until the rain tapered off before they came out and did their hook-ups!

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