Friday, May 16, 2014


I read once that the true definition of a friendship is when you meet up with someone you haven't seen for a long while and the conversation picks up like you were just together yesterday.

That's our friend Mary! We hadn't seen her since last September, but she came over this afternoon and we talked the afternoon and part of the evening away. We have been friends for a long time, coming together to work on rural health issues many years ago. I was the administrator of the hospital in Ritzville and she was with the Public Health Department in Colville.

Mary had retired last year and we've spent a great deal of time talking about our roles in life after our paid working years. After working on both the state and national levels, it's quite a change to become a private citizen again.

We had originally planned to go out to dinner this evening after Mary came to visit, but early this morning I was dreaming about our coming visit and dreamed about making shrimp salad. So that's what I did! It worked much better than interrupting our visit to go to town to eat.

It's been a lovely afternoon and evening!

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