Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tired Today

I guess if I hadn't thought we were getting old, today proved it. We didn't get home last night until after eleven. And this morning, we didn't get up until almost eleven! We certainly don't snap back after staying out late like we used to!

We didn't get a whole lot accomplished the rest of the day either. Forry went over to Northwest Cummings to talk to them about the HWH problem with our bedroom slide (again!). They thought perhaps we could use some type of flexsteel tubing to replace the lines that keep blowing apart and splitting. (It seems like we've repaired or replaced one or more every six months!). They're going to do some checking with HWH to see if that might work...

I spent some time on the phone with the folks at NW Orthopedics; some time texting with my Grandson Varick and Daughter Mary Mae who had been tripped by the neighbor's dog and had sprained her knee; and an even longer time on the phone with my Daughter Dawn catching up with life in Oregon.

We spent time watching some TV, reading a bit, doing Sudoku and that's about it.

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