Tuesday, May 27, 2014

An Eventful Day

Ah, the baseball game is playing on the radio, Forry is softly snoring in his recliner. This is much better -- I didn't like the quiet last night!

I was up by six and by six-fifteen I was headed back to Spokane (where did all these people come from? Are they off to work this early?!) to meet the doctor at the Sleep Clinic. It was an interesting experience. On his computer screen, he was able to show us how Forry's night had gone. Each screen showed two minutes of the night before. They had hooked him up with all kinds of electrodes: around his chest and abdomen; on his legs; on his neck; by and in his nose; near his eyes and all over his head. They could track his muscle movements, his breathing, his eye movement (REM sleep) and I don't know what else.

The tests were pretty conclusive that he has sleep apnea. About 2 AM they woke him up and connected him to a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. You could sure see the difference on the computer screen. Forry even said he felt more rested this morning with just the few hours of sleep he had with the machine. So sometime this week the homecare company will set him up with the necessary equipment...

Then it was back home for a much needed nap -- and a shower for Forry to wash all the contact goop out of his hair!

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