Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

It was another lovely day today. We had made reservations at Wild Sage in Spokane for their Mother's Day Brunch. Our reservation was for 12:30 and we got there about quarter after. It was a zoo! People were stacked up waiting in their small waiting area and out the front door. It seems everyone was having such a good time visiting, they were NOT leaving when they finished their meal. I told the owner that, since there were only two of us, we'd be happy to sit at the bar (the bar is very tiny too, with only five stools...). We ended up sitting there -- and got our drinks comped for our willingness.

Brunch was delightful. It started off with a plate of small pastries - so good! Then I had seasonal berry crepes filled with marscapone and whipped cream while Forry had a sausage and pepper frittata. We've sat at the bar one other time. It's is great fun to watch a master barkeep at work.

Here are a few more of the photos I took yesterday out at Turnbull. This is one of the hen turkeys we saw hustling away from the road. She looks like she's nice and plump.


I thought this tree with its lichen was intriguing --

This clump of alders was just starting to leaf out --

I don't know whether to call this bush a Sarvis Berry bush or a Wild Spirea Bush. I've heard it called both by locals. All I know is that is another harbinger of Spring in the Spokane Valley. They provide splotches of color all over the wooded areas.

We returned to Auntie Violet in time to watch the last seven innings of the Mariners/Royals game and a much needed nap.

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