Monday, May 26, 2014

So Quiet...

I left Forrest in Spokane an hour ago. He is spending the night at the clinic for a Sleep Study test. He had to be there at 9 PM. I can go in at 6:30 tomorrow morning to hear the test results with him.
It is very quiet as I sit here in Auntie Violet all by myself. I cannot recall that I have ever done this before. Usually, I am the one who leaves for a night or two or three for a Board meeting or to visit my sister or something. It is a very strange feeling to be entirely alone...

Tomorrow is our Grandson Micah's 13th birthday. Today he got the cutest little black puppy. It is a chihuahua poodle cross about two months old. Dawn posted a couple of videos on Facebook that are just darling of Micah and his puppy. He has been wanting one for a long time -- now he is the proud owner of both a tortoise and a puppy. Happy Birthday, Micah!

Today was a quiet day. The weekend campers and tenters that had come for the long weekend have packed up and gone. There is no longer campfire smoke in the air. We had a large group next to us with both a tent and a pick-up camper. There was at least ten people around their campfire when we came home from dinner Saturday night. I thought we might be in for a noisy night, but by ten-thirty they had all dispersed and it was quiet. They were even quiet in the morning even though some of them were up making coffee a little after 6 AM!

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