Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunset On the Farm

Sister Sherry, Forry and I spent a fairly lazy day today. I think we were all tired after all the company and visiting yesterday. Sherry put a chuck roast in the oven late this morning and left it to cook all day with some potatoes, onions and potatoes. It was so good this evening! (Keiko San enjoyed it too, licking up every last drop I fed him...)

As I walked over to the farmhouse so that I could post my blog (it's the only spot on the farm with internet connection from the REA.), all I saw around me was colorful sky. This is looking northwest over the large hills beside the farm --

While this is looking in the other direction looking out towards the pasture and the Touchet River -

This little hawk was silhouetted in the tree -- 

And even when I looked back, there was all kinds of color in the sky. What a beautiful evening!

It's been a wonderful couple of days at the farm. We always look forward to visiting Sister Sherry when we come back to Washington State. This year was a very special visit as I got to celebrate my birthday with family!

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