Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Costco Trip

I think I have lost it! No, I KNOW I have lost it! Where was my mind today when I agreed with Forry that we should make our needed trip to Costco today? On a Saturday? On a Saturday immediately after New Years? When people are still returning/exchanging Christmas gifts? What was I thinking?

It was crowded. It was VERY crowded. There were literally NO parking spaces, let alone any handicapped spaces. We finally just waited in the parking lane until people came out with their loaded carts, watched them unload, then take the parking spot as they left. I also offered to return a cart for a lady I passed on the way into the store. She laughed, thanked me, then told me that's probably the only way I would get one! Forry said that's the way he got an electric cart as well, by returned it for a lady who had ridden it out to her car...

Forry's thought had been that if we left late in the afternoon, we could have Polish dogs for supper. It was a good idea, I guess, but I can think of better ways of getting out of cooking dinner.

I was resigned to a long wait in the check-out line, but the lady in front of me made it quick. She arranged everything in her card so that the codes were facing up. She just had the clerk come with the portable reader gun and read everything right in the cart. None of this lifting things out and putting them on the counter! I didn't have a whole lot, so I was done quickly too. It took longer to stand in line to get the Polish dogs!

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