Thursday, January 28, 2016

That World Out There

I am sitting here in my burgundy wall-hugger recliner thinking about all the places I've been today. A few minutes ago, I was watching the video the FBI provided of the roadblock and shooting in Oregon of those domestic terrorists last night on my iPad. We were watching the Gonzaga basketball game on TV from Spokane, Washington. I texted early this morning with Daughter Mary Mae in Mount Vernon, Washington about the box of mail she was sending. Later I chatted a bit via text with my friend Tina in Farmington, New Mexico. And this evening, I have been playing Words With Friends (internet scrabble) with a friend on the other side of Arizona.

All from the comfort of my RV's living room! I wonder what my grandmothers would have thought of our ability to connect so casually with far away places? When my Grandmother Kubik came out to Washington territory to homestead from Minnesota, she never got to see her parents again. Even phone calls were dreadfully expensive and were by necessity very seldom and very brief. I wonder what she would have thought of Skype?

It was another beautiful sunny day here.

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