Tuesday, January 26, 2016


I think my laptop issues are under control! (Fingers - and toes - crossed.) techie4hire.com to the rescue! I had sent an email to Scott yesterday telling him my laptop was not "seeing" my UBS ports. He replied that he had a bit of time and would stop by sometime today. How nice to find someone right here in the park. No traveling to town, no paying mileage for someone to come here.

It took Scott just a few minutes to figure out what the issue was - as soon as I said I had recently upgraded to Windows 10. It seems that the USB drivers weren't upgraded at that time. Scott went on-line and got and installed the new drivers. Problem fixed.

Then we talked about the old AT&T  and Cradlepoint setup we had. I haven't used it since it petered out a few years back when some tree limbs damaged the antenna on the roof. Scott thought we could replace the antenna and then utilize my existing Verizon hotspot SIM card with it. It would then be usable in places where our AT&T doesn't work well. I think that's probably what we'll do.

After Scott left, I did some trouble-shooting with H-P online about the printer. Turns out they have new software for it. Once it was installed, the printer started talking to the laptop again. Now I need to replace the ink cartridges and I guess I'm totally back in business and can start working on the tax stuff.

Today was a day or taking care of housekeeping issues. I emptied the tanks and Forry changed the water filters. We ran the vacuum and shook all the rugs outside. We walked around the loop to the west and even chatted with neighbors on both sides.

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