Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ark Building?

It was raining hard last night when we went to bed. Every time I woke up during the night, I could hear the rain on the roof. It was raining VERY hard when we got up this morning. There were puddles out in front of Auntie Violet; there were puddles out along the fence; there were puddles down the middle of the paved roads. There are large puddles in the drainage areas by the office.

This is the same storm that hit California so hard yesterday. Today's California storm will probably arrive here during the night. This round of El NiƱo storms is bringing much needed rain to the drought areas, but it is an incredible amount of water in a very short time.

We are enjoying an incredible sweet bounty this evening. Sister Sherry's holiday package of caramels, biscotti and other goodies arrived in today's mail! I had sent her some licorice flavored caramels from Send Out Cards for her birthday in November. She liked them so much, she was determined to figure out the recipe. According to Forry, who loves licorice, she definitely succeeded!

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