Saturday, January 16, 2016

When Sparrows Fall

Santa left an autographed copy of When Sparrows Fall  by Diana Blackstone in my Christmas stocking. I had set it on the cupboard by my chair and it sort of got covered up by other stuff. It reappeared yesterday when I was doing some dusting in preparation for the visit of Cher and Di. Being me, with my reading addiction, I could not deal with having an unread book in my house.

It is an interesting read, taking you back to pre-Civil War days. The story is told from the perspective of thirteen year old Susanna Stutzman, who suffers a crisis of faith following the sudden death of her father and the church-arranged marriage of her mother to his bitter and angry brother. Accidentally discovering their neighbor is a stationmaster on the Underground Railway, Susanna deals with her secret and her new family while finding out where she fits in her Mennonite world.

This is a short book, probably written for a Young Adult audience. It does a good job of bringing to life the struggles of those who fled slavery and the risks both they and those who helped them took as they sought freedom. It was a good read.

Today started with sunshine, but quickly became overcast and chilly. We made a quick trip into Fountain Hills to replenish Forry's soft drink supply. Other than that, we didn't do a whole lot. But, bull-riding is on tonight, so all is good.

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