Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lazy Day

We're sitting here with very full tummies watching the PBR (Professional Bull Riders), who are in Oklahoma City this weekend. I fixed steak and pilaf for supper tonight with some sliced beets. I had a package of sliced almonds I was going to brown for the rice, but just as I was going to pour them into the bubbling butter, I noticed a small puncture in the packet. Darned if the nuts weren't rancid smelling! So I used some of Brother Pat's hazelnuts instead. They were okay, but would have been better if I had chopped them before I browned them..

There were some individual Caramel Apple Tarts that came with the boxes from Omaha Steaks we got for Christmas. To make everything fit in our freezer, I had taken them out of their box and tucked them away in corners. Which meant of course, that I hadn't kept the instructions. Wondering whether to bake them or nuke them, I decided to check the Omaha Steak website. Sure enough, in the ad for the tarts, they had the cooking instructions. With a couple of squirts of whipped cream, they were pretty good.

We didn't even get out for a walk today. Forry had used the last of the gallon of distilled water he has for his CPAP machine last night, so we planned to make a grocery run today to get more. But first, we  had to watch the Gonzaga basketball game. Then Forry fell asleep in his recliner (and I may have dozed off in mine) and it was getting pretty late in the day to be able to get groceries and get back in time to watch the bull-riding. Remembering I had a ribeye in the refrigerator that I was going to grill yesterday (when we decided we weren't that hungry and ate onion soup instead), so we decided we would go another day.

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