Friday, January 15, 2016


Cherie' and Diane came to see us this afternoon. It was a delightful visit. Forry and I both used to see Cherie once a week for the most wonderful deep tissue massages. It was one of the delightful pleasures of being a working woman. After I retired and we were on the road, we continued to get an occasional massage when we happened to be in Spokane.

Then Cherie retired. She and her partner began a retired life of travel and golf. They also bought a condo in Foutain Hills for winter use. We tried to connect up with them last year while we were down here, but it didn't work out. So today's visit was very special. Cherie had not ever seen Auntie Violet, so they came out to Eagle View.

After an a couple of hours of visiting and catching up on trips and weddings, we went up the road to the casino and had dinner at the Cafe 87, where we talked some more.

I think we may be seeing more of Di and Cher - they like the sounds of the Wednesday and Thursday night crab feeds...

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