Sunday, January 31, 2016

Not So Nice Weather...

It was a beautiful morning when I got up. The sky was clear and blue, it was warm and the sun was shining. It was so nice I even left the door open and took my coffee outside.  Then gradually as the day went by, the clouds started moving in. At first, they were just wispy white things. But as the day went by, they got thicker and darker.  By the time we went for our walk, there were occasional black clouds going over and we even were blessed with a few scattered fat raindrops.

By late evening we were getting wind gusts that shook Auntie Violet. We had brought in the awning earlier and I even brought in the little awning that goes over the door. By 10 o'clock, it was beginning to rain fairly hard and a half hour or so later, we got a NOAA Broadcast with Severe Thunderstorm Warning. The radar map shows some thunder cells moving north from Tempe sitting right over the top of us. We were watching Castle reruns on television until the dish lost its satellite connection.

So for now, we'll sit and watch the rain and the lightning and listen to the thunder.

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