Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Another Quiet Day

I did a load of laundry; I drained the tanks;  Forry finally used a needle-nose pliers to get the rocks out of the hole so that I could reset the peacock back up (I used little rocks to hold the rod upright as the hole is a little big and not deep enough. When the wind blows hard enough to blow the peacock out, the rocks fall in the hole, then it's too shallow...).

We went for a walk over to the office and back. My 2015 Blog2Print book had arrived. It was nice enough to sit outside while we had libations and reviewed the blog from last year. For the first time, we saw a bunch of cattle come by. A large party of folks several spaces down spooked them and they came by at a pretty good trot. I think we counted six - four cows and a couple of yearlings, before they went back down over the bank.

It got chilly when the sun went down, so we came back in. I had put a couple of Yukon Gold potatoes in the oven earlier, so all I had to do was grill some really good steaks (Christmas gifts from the Lehmans!)

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