Thursday, January 14, 2016

House Cleaning

Since I had thrown all of the rugs in the washer yesterday, that meant I now have bare floors for the day. Therefore I could turn the robot vacuum loose. It seems to work best in our small space if I pick up most everything off of the floor. That works fairly well until it gets over to Forry's "nest" corner. Today the robot tried to eat one of his support socks - don't even wonder how that could happen.

It was another gorgeous day today. Not extremely warm, but with beautiful sunshine. We didn't spend a whole lot of time outside as I seem to have gotten caught up in some needed house cleaning.

Made nachos for supper tonight. That seems to be our go-to meal when I cannot think what else to cook. We have settled in to watch the Gonzaga basketball game. They are playing BYU tonight. It's a bit of a grudge match as BYU is the one we beat them last year, breaking their long-time winning streak.

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