Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I probably could have put off a trip to Costco another week or so, but I want to get started on getting the tax stuff done. I needed to new cartridges for the HP printer plus we were running low on Vitamin E. As usual, Costco was crowded, but not nearly as bad it was when we went right after New Years.

I took a good look around the prepared foods area trying to get some new ideas for meals, but must not have been in the mood to be inspired. I did buy a bag of nicely trimmed large Brussels sprouts, but didn't even think of looking for more pine nuts to go with them.

The sun was beautiful today, nice and warm. We drove through the park after we got back from Costco - there was one empty site! And within the hour, we saw a rig pull in and then head in that direction.

We talked about maybe going over to the Crab Feed at the Casino tonight, but Forry was worn out by our trip to Costco, so we stayed home and had frozen PF Changs. Maybe tomorrow night...

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