Monday, January 25, 2016


We've not had any of the big dust storms this year (crosses fingers) since we've been here, but the RV is certainly dusty. There are paved roads within the park and the pads are paved. The ground between sites is covered with a coarse gravel and the ground between the sites and the fence is covered with a pea gravel type covering. So we don't get visible dust even when the wind is blowing.

Regardless of all that, there is a coating of dust in all the window sill grooves and any cupboard areas.  I spent most of the afternoon taking apart my desk and computer station and cleaning the area. I could not believe how many dust bunnies I cleaned up. Now I am wondering how long it has been since I thouroughly cleaned that area?

While I was doing that, Forry took off by himself to the office to pick up the mail. I had encouraged him to go alone and was pleased until I realized he had not taken his cell phone. Then I worried until I heard the wheels of his walker as he was returning. I scolded him, but he said it was such a nice day, there were people out all over that would have helped him if there had been a problem...

The last week has been gorgeous. The sun is out and it's quite warm until the sun starts going down. It almost makes me feel guilty when we watch the news and see everyone digging out from the horrendous snowstorms that have been hitting the eastern US. Almost, but not quite!

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