Saturday, January 9, 2016

FOG - then Sunshine!

It was foggy when I woke up to this morning. Thick, soupy fog. Within a half hour (by the time I got organized enough to take a picture), it had thinned out enough for me to see the fence. By the time Forry got up, the fog was gone entirely, with no evidence of its earlier existence. If I were a meteorologist, I could probably explain it all in terms of temperature differentials and the the river vs the land, but suffice it to say, I was glad to see the sunshine! It warmed up enough to raise the temperature to 75 degrees this afternoon. I'll take it!

It's amazing to see how quickly the desert floor is greening up again after the last few days of rain. Instead of looking sere and dry as you gaze out across the hills, there is a smear of green, especially in the low places. We did see three of the feral horses near the road when we made a quick trip into the grocery store this afternoon.

We briefly thought about stopping at Cafe 87 in the Casino on the way home, but neither of us had our cards with us (I guess we should just keep them in the car.), so we decided to head on home. We could have gone back - it's a whole quarter mile away - but once you get in the house, take your shoes off and put the groceries away, it's just too much effort...

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