Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Road Trip!

Forry's sister Grace is nine years older then he is. (His brother was 19 years older.) She and her husband Les live in East Wenatchee. Their triple-wide used to be amongst orchards on the hillside, but now housing has grown up all around them. They share the house with Grace's collections of hundreds of stuffed bears and dogs.

Because of Forry's back surgery last summer, we didn't get down to see them at all, so we were anxious to make the trip. Today was a beautiful day for a road trip. We left shortly before noon and drove down I-90 to the cut-off towards Quincy and then on to East Wenatchee.

Les and Grace met us at the door and we had a nice, though short visit. We got updates on most of the kids and their families. Grace has gotten very fragile and became tired just visiting with us.

On our way home, we stopped at one of the fruit stands along the road and got some plums, some apricots, a little box of Royal Anne cherries and one of Bings. The apricots were so pretty, I felt like I should have gotten a whole box of them and started canning!

We took the White Trail cutoff on the way home. I have never seen so many nursery trees. There were many fields with various sizes of small trees. We also saw multiple fields of corn, alfalfa, beans, potatoes and even onion windrows. There were also many, many orchards and several fields of grapes. The Columbia Basin certainly grows a variety of crops!

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