Thursday, July 7, 2016

Trip to the Dentist

Forry had an appointment with the dentist this morning to have the prep work done for a new crown. The dentist had found a cavity on the x-rays he had taken when we were in for our semi-annual checkup a month or so ago. Now he has to wait until the twentieth until the new crown arrives. So for the next couple of weeks he'll be living with a temporary cap.

We had no further business in town, so just stopped by Dairy Queen to get a couple of Blizzards. Forry always gets the most chocolatey one they have - this time it was Rocky Road - while I stick with my time-honored Butterfinger. It's a nice treat.

Granddaughter Havela posted a delightful video this morning of GGD Kahlyn "using" a spoon for the first time. She has refused to eat baby food - definitely wants to eat what everyone else is eating. Niece Becky told me this morning at the dentist's office (she's a dental hygienist there) that her little Kiera is the same way. Sounds like these little girls are not going to be making Gerber rich.

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