Saturday, July 9, 2016


We have been thinking - and debating - and discussing with each other and family and friends over the past couple of years. The issue is whether or not to return to Arizona this coming year or to try to find a place to stay in Washington (or elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest). We've been checking out various places. I just do not like cold weather! And the dampness on the coastal side of Washington and Oregon makes my joints hurt more than they do anyway.

We looked at places in the Tri-cities, thinking it might be warmer there, but it's just too urbanized and  populous for us. As one of our friends told us, "you're just going to have to stay inside when it gets cold."

Today we went to take a look at an RV Park we had read about near Potholes State Park. It's a 55+ park called Sun Desert. In some ways, it reminds me of the place we stay at in Arizona. It's bordered by sage brush areas that looks a lot like our desert home. The sites are quite large and sort of "scattered" throughout the park instead of being lined up in rows. We visited with a resident while we were waiting for Barb, the manager, to come and chat with us.

It's a small park with perhaps a dozen mobile homes up above and about thirty RV sites scattered throughout the grassy areas. All of the sites have concrete patios and storage sheds. The area is heavily treed with willows, plums, firs and some others I couldn't identify. There is another area under development with about thirty sites, shrubs but no trees and no patios.

This place has possibilities. It is 17 miles from Moses Lake, which means it is about 40-42 miles from Menno. We'd have to figure out a shorter route...

Anyway, we decided to spend some time there in August and see if we like it. We don't have to make a decision about Arizona until the end of September when the site winter payment is due.

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