Friday, July 15, 2016

Family Time

I seasoned a batch of ribeye steaks this afternoon with some of my bourbon smoked salt, bourbon smoked pepper and lime pepper and took them over to my Brother Pat's this evening for him to barbecue. Pat and Cindy added garden fresh corn, beans and new potatoes along with some cukes and kohlrabi. Such a feast we had!

We were joined by Niece Becky and her three little ones; Niece Ashley and Kyle and their two youngsters and Nephew Nick. G-Niece Ellie and  G-Nephew Ryan also joined the party as they were going to have a sleepover with their cousins tonight. What fun it was to have all of the little ones there and see how much they have grown. It was also neat that Ashley wasn't working tonight (she's a night nurse at Samaritan Hospital where I used to work many years ago.).

One of the best things about being in the Moses Lake area is a chance to spend time with family.

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