Monday, July 11, 2016

Teeny, Tiny Ants

We had been invaded, once again, by teeny, tiny little ants. My Mom used to call them sugar ants. We had some in the kitchen a couple of years ago and now they are back again. We went into Moses Lake this afternoon to buy some Terro Ant Killer. It's a liquid with borax in it that ants carry to their nest. You put a few drops of the liquid on provided one inch cardboard squares. It's really gross after you put it out. Whatever is in it really attracts the ants - the squares are just black with them. Ick! I want to just throw them in the trash as it gives me the creeps. But the whole idea is to let them take it back to their nest, so I have to just ignore them.

Hopefully, by morning, they will be all gone.

I started doing laundry this morning. I just had finished the first load when they shut the water off in the park - again! (It was off when we got home from church and lunch yesterday.) I guess they have some leaks they are trying to repair. At least by the time we got back from town, it was on again. There are some big piles of dirt and holes where they were digging up pipes, so I'm sure they have more to do.

We did get groceries and mail some bills, so I think we have our errands done for a bit.

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