Saturday, July 23, 2016

Showers and Ball Games

It's pretty bad when you have to put off taking your shower so that you can finish listening to a ball game! The Mariners are back east in Toronto, so their 1 PM ballgame started at ten AM our time. It was a crazy game with a grand slam home run by Nellie Cruz and lots of other runs - they ended up with 14! So much for all of the one run games they've been having..

Didn't do a whole lot this afternoon. I found a couple of baskets of blackberries and a partial container of blueberries in the refrigerator that were all extremely ripe. There was not enough of either, so I combined them and made a mixed berry pie. It's a bit of a pain as the turntable in my Advantium oven no longer turns. I had to cook it in 6-7 minutes increments, turning it in between in order to keep from having a pie that was raw on one side and burned on the other. But it turned out pretty well. Forry seemed to enjoy it with some ice cream tonight.

The park is eerily quiet tonight. After yesterday's terrific winds with the tall pines moving 10-15 feet back and forth, it seems strange to see them so still tonight. There is not even a hint of a breeze.

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