Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Toad II Goes to the Doctor

We had an appointment at the Suzuki Service Shop at 9:00 AM (let it be noted that's TWO mornings in a row we've had to be somewhere by 9 in the morning!) to figure out why Toad II had a light on on the dashboard that said to check emissions. Not being sure how long it might take us to get to the other side of Spokane out by Dishman Hills, we left home a little after eight. Even though we were a bit early, the shop was already busy. We sat in the waiting room while their computer went through the analysis. Turns out the light was pretty accurate - there is a valve/filter in the emissions system that is plugged.

They are going to order the part which should arrive on Thursday. Becky said she would call when it arrived. Sounds like it will be covered under our extended warranty - except for the $100 deductible.

Since we were out in the area, we stopped over at Home Depot and picked up a Kidde smoke detector for the bedroom to match the one we bought earlier this year for the front room. While we were there I bought a couple of flowering plants to take with us next week when we have a little patio again.

Later this afternoon, we went back into Costco for Forry's appointment to have his hearing aids adjusted. After some discussion with the tech, we decided that Forry's almost seven year old devices should be upgraded. Of course, the new ones have to be ordered, so we made an appointment to come in again on Saturday to have them fitted. Looks like we'll be in town every day this week!

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