Friday, July 1, 2016

Another Busy Day

It shouldn't have been too crazy, but like everything else, it just sort of escalated. Forry had a 10:30 appointment with the cardiologist at Northwest Cardiology. We were surprised to discover that an electrocardiogram (EEG) had been ordered before the doctor was to see him. At his request (as he doesn't hear well) I went with him for the procedure. I was glad I had my Kindle along so that I could read the newspaper while the tech was working.

It was after noon by the time she was finished and we were called in to see the doctor. Then the nurse realized that he needed an EKG as well. She quickly got that done and we finally got to see the doctor. I really like Dr. Orme, he is very thorough and patient. He was the doctor who was on-call at the hospital last summer when Forry had an episode of of atrial fibrillation. Evidently, all of Forry's tests look good. Considering that his heart valve was repaired almost sixteen years ago, he's doing really well.

It was two o'clock before we finally left the Heart Clinic - with instructions to come back and do it all over again next year!

Son Sean's TV gave up the ghost yesterday. He wanted to go shopping with us, but when we stopped by his apartment, he wasn't home. So we went on out to Costco without him. We did find a pretty good buy on a TV for him. We were going to help him set it up, but he has no tools in the house and we needed a small Phillips screwdriver to attach the bottom stand to the TV. So we finally decided to bring it home with us and get it back to him tomorrow. I think the last thing we needed to do when we were tired and hungry was to set up a TV set...

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