Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Driving Day

Daughter MM sent a box of mail to Cheney General Delivery early last week, but forgot to let us know. When I called her Friday night to double-check the address on the wedding invitation, she told me she had sent it earlier in the week. The Post Office in Cheney is one of the few that we've run into that isn't open on Saturday mornings; Monday was a holiday, so it wasn't open; and yesterday was a very needed rest day for us. So today we made the trip back to Cheney to get the mail.

While we were there, we stopped at McDonald's to get some iced coffee. You'd think we'd learn, McDonald's does NOT have good coffee. My iced latte' was so bitter even Forry complained when he tasted it!

Since we were on the road, we stopped in Ritzville. Seems like every time we come through there, there's another neat statue to add to their collection all over town. This time it was a lady golfer up by the golf course. We stopped to visit the Whiskey Gap Dustillery on Main Street, then went to the Farm Service office to sign the annual IRS forms.

As we were watching the Mariners game tonight, there was a great deal of activity in the RV park. Several family groups have moved in. The group across the road has three RVs in the group, all clustered together. There are quite a few youngsters with them - it's a shame the park still hasn't got the pool pump repaired (they told us when we checked in that it would be fixed on Tuesday...).

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