Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trip to Town

We were up and going early this morning as we had a 10 AM appointment in town. We have been wanting to make some changes in the way we handle some of our retirement accounts, so managed to get that done. We stopped at the little Espresso stand that opened on the corner near the RV park to get coffee and breakfast on the way home.

We got back to the RV in time to listen to the 12:30 Mariners game on the radio. It took them 11 innings, but they managed to beat the White Sox 6-5!

We finally managed to get up to Gordy's for dinner. We wanted to order one of tonight's specials, beef loin with peppers, but they were already out. I made an idle comment that I wished they had one of their smoked bacon stir-fries on the menu instead. Darned if our server didn't go ask the kitchen crew if they would make us one! And they did!

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