Friday, July 29, 2016

Toad II Fixed

Becky called from the Suzuki Service Shop just after lunch and said the part had come in. We were listening to the Mariners/Cubs game which was in a rain delay, so we got dressed and headed out to the Spokane Valley where the shop is located. We waited about an hour for them to do the work. It came to $310., but with the part shipping (which we were charged for to have it expressed...) and our deductible on our Extended Warranty, I paid $125.

From there we went to Group Health where Forry got his blood drawn while I picked up his prescriptions. Amongst them were the eye drops for before and after his cataract surgery. They had a cancellation, and he is now getting the first one done on August 9th. So, from there we went over to the Eye Clinic to pick up the paperwork outlining all he needs to do. Seeing that he has a post-op appointment the morning of the 10th, we went over to the Madison Inn to make reservations for the night before and the night of. Located right above SHMC, the Madison offers reduced rates for very nice rooms if you are having a medical procedure done in Spokane.

We got home just in time to participate in a Skype call with Granddaughter Havela and Kahlyn. Sounds like Ben was gloating about the Cubs beating the Mariners 12-1!

Daughter MM's birthday is today. She's getting old! (Not sure how that has happened so fast...) It sounds like they really had a great time on their trip to Scotland.

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