Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Quiet Day

We were really tired last night. I had done a lot of walking yesterday and I could feel it after we had gone to bed. It had been quite warm yesterday and we had run the A/C. I didn't even think about switching the thermostat over to furnace from A/C. It's amazing how drastically temperatures switch. It was warm when we went to bed and I was thankful for the ceiling fan the fellows at Kustom Coachworks had made and installed for us last year. Then about 4 AM, I roused enough to shut it off and turn on the mattress pad heater - it had gotten really cold! Actually, the arthritis pain in my fingers woke me up. My fingers do not like being cold!

The people in the RV on our right were gone all day today. Their puppy whined and cried pathetically all morning, then settled in and just barked all afternoon. You couldn't help but feel sorry for it, it sounded so sad, but it sure was annoying.

I got a little bit more done on oiling the cherry wood this afternoon. I am finished with the bathroom area and halfway finished with the washer/dryer cupboard area. It does look nice when I'm done.

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