Monday, July 18, 2016

Once Again, Ponderosa Falls

Today we moved again. Our two weeks in Moses Lake are up, so we headed back to Ponderosa Falls in Cheney. It was raining most of the morning in Moses Lake - we got pretty wet getting unhooked. The park was more than half empty (there was no one else in our row!) so we asked for a late checkout. The staff was very nice about it, actually thanked us for letting them know. Instead of being out by eleven, we pulled out a little after 1:30.

When we got to the RV park in Cheney, it was a whole 'nother story. The sun was shining and they  were FULL! Even though we had made a reservation two weeks ago, there were no pull-through sites, nor sites with satellite access available. We ended up parking up on the hill with lots of "helpers." Both RV owners parked on either side of us came out and offered to move their vehicles out of our way. We told them we would be okay, but they hung around to make sure.

Of course, since we had an audience, after we unhooked the toad, Forry couldn't get it started. It would energetically crank, but wouldn't start! It finally occurred to him that he didn't the key in his pocket! Anti-theft mechanism, you know!

Then the fellows stayed to see if they needed to help us back in. Over time, I have figured out just where the back wheels needed to be to make the turn easily. That works better if I can tell Forry where I want him than if he tries to gauge from the driver's seat. We got her backed into a pretty tight spot slicker than a whistle! Even with the guys watching...

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