Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Laundry and ?

I had really hoped to sleep in this morning, but for some reason Forry decided to get up early. As much as he may try to be quiet, it just doesn't work that way. When he's up, I may as well get up also as pretty soon he's looking for something that he just can't see. (I never have figured out how it is that you can stare at something right in front of you and just not see it.) I am usually pretty specific when I tell him where something is - "it's on the right hand side of the second shelf in the medicine chest.." 9 times out of ten, I end up getting up and showing him that it's exactly where I said it was?

Forry had to empty the grey tank so that I could finish the last couple of loads of laundry. It most likely would have been fine, but he was so sure it was getting too full...

It's only mid-week, but the park has really filled up today. After several days of heat, the gravel roads are starting to get dusty. The park really needs to invest in a water truck that could sprinkle down the roads. I remember how miserable it got to be last fall when we were here.

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