Monday, July 25, 2016

A Very Busy Day

Forry had his referral appointment to the Spokane Eye Clinic today and saw Dr. Ranson, the same doctor who had taken care of my cataracts a couple of years ago. The good news: Turns out that since Forry has no problems with astigmatism, he is not going to need the expensive lens that accommodate for that. The bad news: Dr. Ransom is all backed up with surgeries and will not be able to get to Forry's until September - unless some one cancels...

That certainly simplifies our plans for the next month or so. We will be able to move down to Desert Sun the first of August as we had originally planned.

From the Eye Clinic, we went over to Costco. I had used the last portion of hamburger in spaghetti last night and had used up my steak supply at my brother's, so I needed to restock my meat supply. I also bought some frozen boneless chicken thighs. I haven't bought chicken for a long time...

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